Agent Onboarding will no longer require proof of Errors and Omissions coverage in the contracting paperwork. Instead, an Errors and Omissions Attestation of Coverage is located on page one of the Appointment Application. See attached.

Please update your contracts with the latest appointment application. We highly recommend you still submit the E+O with the contract to avoid any delays. However, the contract can be processed without proof of E+O.

Why is this change being made?
Requests for Errors and Omissions certificates can create confusion and processing delays. An Attestation of Coverage streamlines the process, resulting in a faster turnaround time.

What does this mean for you?
UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions still requires all actively selling agents to maintain Errors and Omissions coverage. Coverage requirements ($1,000,000 per occurrence or $1,000,000 annual aggregate) remain the same, and failure to meet and maintain the Errors and Omissions coverage requirements may be grounds for immediate termination. So we still need updated E+O’s for all active agents.

There are no changes to the contracting submission process; you may use the same methods you use today. This change simply means that submissions of Errors and Omissions certificates are no longer required.

eContracting – Continue to use your current eContracting process. An update to the eContracting system will be available at a later date.

When will this take effect?
June 20, 2016. Changes will not be made retroactively.

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