• New Product Filings
    • Everest has officially filed new Medicare supplement product in the following states: AL, CO, KS, MI, MS, NE and VA. We are still working to finalize rates for the state of TN and will file this state once completed.
    • In the next few weeks, we will be updating:
      • eProducerPortal online contracting system to allow you add any new state(s).
      • Published Commission Schedules to reflect the addition of the new states.
  • Agent Reward (Bonus) Program
    • We would like to take the opportunity to reminder our FMOs to share the details of our ongoing Agent Reward program we are running during February, March and April 2017 promoting E-Applications.
  • Everest Rollout Presentation
    • Several Marketers have asked for a presentation to share with prospective mid-level managers and/or agents that provide a to the point overview of Everest and our involvement in Medicare supplement. Similar to the Agent Reward program, we will send a PDF presentation via a direct email for your use. If you have comments or suggestions on how to improve this presentation, please contact David Burke at
  • Everest Financial Ratings Affirmed
    • Everest Re Group Ltd. and its Subsidiaries, which includes Everest Reinsurance Company, has had its Financial Strength Rating of A+ (Superior) affirmed by A.M. Best, which can be seen in their recent press release. And, as of December 31st, 2016, our equity capital is now over $8 Billion, and our total assets are now over $21 Billion.
  • E-APP Sandbox
    • Everest wishes to entice agents to utilize our E-Application platform via the Agent Reward program. However, we know agents hesitate to use something without testing to see how it works. Therefore, we have created an “E-APP Sandbox” for agents to play in. Encourage agents to click on our E-Application Staging (test) environment (select Agent Login) and enter the demo credentials:
      • Username: agent110
      • Password: evtest
    • Agents can create pseudo (fake) applications to get a feel for the screens and the process associated with open enrollment, underwritten or guaranteed issue cases. Pseudo applications are deleted on a routine basis.
    • Click Accessing E-Applications for a quick overview on where to access the Online E-App section on the Everest Agent Portal and directions for logging into the staging environment to create trial applications.
  • Agent Registration Tutorial
    • If you have agents who have NOT registered for access to the Everest Agent Portal, please share the Everest Agent Portal Registration overview with them. This is a simple 7 slide outline covering the registration process.
  • Everest Contact Information
    • With so many new agents and business ramping up, an influx of questions is certain to follow. It is important for everyone to contact the right department for answers and for this reason we have posted the Everest Contact Information sheet on the home page of the Everest Agent Portal.
    • You may also click Contact Information to download the PDF and share with your distribution. NOTE: Contact information updates will be posted on the Everest Agent Portal
  • Fax Application Transmittal Cover Sheet
    • For agents submitting ‘paper’ application or a ‘wet signature’ E-App, Everest encourages agents to utilize the Upload Document(s) link via Document(s) Upload section on the Everest Agent Portal. Unlike faxed applications, this feature allows agents to immediate confirm receipt and view any uploaded document via the View Uploaded Document(s)
    • Whether submitting via the Upload Document(s) or via Faxed Application, the Fax Application Transmittal Cover Sheet, form EVFTCS 02/2017, will provide the appropriate instructions
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