Several changes have been made to the list of participating hospitals for AARP® Medicare Select Plans, insured by UnitedHealthcare. These changes may affect the availability of AARP Medicare Select Plans in some locations.

The list of participating network hospitals and corresponding service area zip codes for AARP Medicare Select Plans has been updated to reflect changes through October 1, 2017. These changes apply to currently insured members as well as new sales. If you are enrolling a consumer in an AARP Medicare Select Plan, please make sure you are using the latest versions of the network hospital directories and confirm that applicants reside in a current AARP Medicare Select Plan service area.

Updated Directories by State

You can access the most current AARP Medicare Select Plan network hospital directories by clicking on the links for each state below.

A hospital directory PDF has also been updated to reflect hospital changes from August 1, 2016 through October 1, 2017.

Insert the Updated Directory Into Your Enrollment Kit Inventory

UnitedHealthcare asks that you please insert the updated AARP Medicare Select Plan network hospital directory into your existing enrollment kit inventory for the states listed above. In addition to clicking the links provided above, you can also access and download the updated network hospital directories online following these directions:

  • Log in to Jarvis, navigate to Knowledge Center > Medicare Supplement > Eligibility/Availability tab
  • Alternatively, you can log into the sales material portal and navigate to Sales & Marketing Tools > Sales Materials > Order Materials. Now select the following filter criteria:
  1. Plan type: 2017 - Med Supp
  2. State: select your state
  3. Doc Type: kits

Keep in mind that AARP Medicare Select Plan hospital directories and zip code listings may change periodically. Be sure to check Jarvis or the Sales Materials Portal to verify that you are using the most current materials.

Member Notification

Communications are currently being mailed to members enrolled in an AARP Medicare Select Plan in the states listed above. The annual communication includes a comprehensive list of network changes that have occurred since the July 2016 member communication. Members are being advised that they may see decreased coverage and increased out-of-pocket costs for inpatient non-emergency services received after October 31, 2017 at a hospital that is no longer participating.

Members who are impacted by these changes will receive the communication detailed below. If the network changes result in an AARP Medicare Select Plan holder residing within 30 miles of a hospital that is no longer part of the AARP Medicare Select network, the member will receive a list of hospitals within his or her service area that no longer participate in the Medicare Select network, along with a current AARP Medicare Select hospital directory.

The member will also be advised to consider a new network hospital in his or her area if the preferred hospital is no longer in the network. Alternately, the member will have the option to switch to another AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan without a network. Click here to view a sample letter for members that lives within a 30 mile radius

Impacted AARP Medicare Select members who are within 31 to 60 miles of a hospital or outside the 60 mile service area of a current network hospital have a guaranteed right to buy a Medicare supplement plan A, B, C, F (or High Deductible F), K, or L, if available from UnitedHealthcare or any other insurance company in their area. Click to view a sample letter for members that live within 31 to 60 miles or that live more than 60 miles away from a network hospital. 

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