Medico’s New Senior Care Network Program & Rate Decrease In MI

Exciting news: Medico Medicare Supplement rates will decrease in Michigan

Plan G (-10%) and Plan N (-5%) 
Offer these lower rates to clients in Michigan for applications written on and after July 1.*
Plan G
Plan N
$102.92 $91.07
$108.49 $96.74
Make the most of this sales opportunity! More information will be sent soon, so stay tuned for the latest updates from Medico.
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Medico provides USA Senior Care Network program to Medicare Supplement policyholders

Beginning June 22, 2018, Medico will provide Medicare Supplement policyholders with a new, voluntary program designed to save them money. The new program is called USA Senior Care Network. There is no cost to policyholders, they don’t have to use the hospitals in the Senior Care Network if they don’t want to, and their Medicare Supplement benefits are not affected by this program in any way.

USA Senior Care Network is an organization that contracts with hospitals across the U.S. to waive all or a portion of a policyholder’s Medicare Part A deductible when he or she is admitted to a participating hospital. We will then pass some of those savings on to the policyholder as a $100 premium credit toward his or her next Medicare Supplement premium payment.

Medico is strictly forbidden from using the program as a marketing tool to new participants. Therefore, while we are educating you about the program in the event you receive inquiries from your clients, you cannot promote the USA Senior Care Network program to non-policyholders.

Beginning June 7, 2018, we’ll mail letters to our eligible Medicare Supplement policyholders to inform them about the program. See the letter

There are two groups of policyholders who will not be eligible for this program:

  1. Medicare Supplement Plan A policyholders are not included, because Plan A does not pay the Medicare Part A deductible
  2. For legal reasons, we cannot offer the program to policyholders in the state of Missouri

Policyholders can find participating hospitals by viewing the provider directory online at  or by calling TMG at 888.622.9122

Medico is excited to offer this value-added program to our Medicare Supplement policyholders.

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Webinar: New Dental insurance opportunity

Whenever you talk to your clients about their health insurance plans, be sure to include a discussion about dental insurance. Many seniors don’t know that Medicare doesn’t cover most dental care, dental procedures, or supplies, like cleanings, fillings, tooth extractions, dentures, dental plates, or other dental devices. That means they may need to enroll in dental coverage to avoid the problems that can arise from neglected dental health, including gum infections, dental decay and chronic pain.

Join us to learn about Medico Dental plans designed with your client’s needs and budget in mind. We’ll also discuss how quickly you can create a custom dental agent sales site that allows your clients to easily obtain dental insurance quotes and enroll in coverage. Of course, you receive compensation for the sale!

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Tuesday, June 5 from 10:00-11:00 a.m. Central Time


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Questions or concerns? Contact TMG at 888.622.9122

    • Hello Robert,

      The USA Senior Care Network program does not have any in-network hospitals in Schuylkill or Columbia counties, however, Berks County does have two hospitals in-network. These hospitals are St. Joseph Medical Center and HealthSouth Reading Rehabilitation Center, both of which are in Reading.

      If you would like a complete list of Pennsylvania hospitals in-network with Medico’s USA Senior Care Network program, you can check out the directory here:

      If you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch with us here or by calling us at 888-622-9122. We’re always ready to help!

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