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  • Running the all (5) “Turning 65 Ads” starting today (daily for 1 week) via buffer to FaceBook (2 business pages) – no boost (ads) – need your assistance on FB ad buys strategy ; LinkedIn; InstaGram and Twitter.

  • My Facebook ad account was hacked into and someone named themself as a co-administrator to my account. They charged over $13,000 in ads to my Facebook Business account. As a result Facebook has completely shut down my ad account, so I no longer have the ability to run ads. Facebook is incredibly difficult to deal with, and you can’t get anyone to plead your case to. So I’m wondering to I just completely scrap my Facebook Business account and start from scratch, or do I continue to search for a way to perhaps open up a seperate ad account under the same biz account? It’s difficult to get any answers from Facebook. Thanks.

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